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The 7th Guest review

The 7th Guest

Great for nostalgia but little else

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*This is a review for the original version of The 7th Guest*

I’ve heard a lot about the 7th Guest and after reading all it had accomplished when it was first published I knew I had to try it if only just to say I did. I bought it so long ago but had yet to play it… travesty! I knew that it was a strange game, to say the least, but I don’t think anything can really prepare you for the oddities that await you inside Stauf Manor!

The story is delivered to you in bits and pieces as you traverse each room of the manor and it’s up to you to piece together what is actually happening. I won’t spoil anything by telling you it has something to do with the 7th guest!

The puzzles weren’t as bad as I expected even though the get really strange. There were some, like Bishops Puzzle, I used a walkthrough to guide me through because it has a total of something like forty-two exact moves needed on a chess board to complete, but most all others I was able to figure out with little to no trouble. They were creative and interesting. Compared to its sequel – The 11th Hour – these puzzles are a godsend!

Bottom line, it’s a great ride for nostalgia, but little else. You’ll enjoy pieces but dislike others. You’ll be glad you played it but happier when it’s over.

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