Betrayal at Phlan

D&D 5e / Campaign / TBD

A reimagining of the 1988 TSR classic adventure “Ruins of Adventure”. Your group accepts the call to rid New Phlan of a terrible evil that has taken over the city, but soon find that the worst evil may come from within!

The Haunting of Crossing Inn

D&D 5e / One-shot / TBD

Welcome weary traveler to the Crossing Inn – the coziest nook in the north. We hope you enjoy your stay because once you check in, you may never leave!

Heroes of the Dragon Run

D&D 5e / Card Game / TBD

After the Dragon Run decimated Phlan in 1306 DR, a new game started popping up in taverns around the Moonsea that carried on the tale of this war.