Betrayal at Phlan

Lord Commander Armegadon Senray


Race: Variant Human
Background: Displaced
Alignment: Lawful Neutral
Class: Artillerist Artificer/Fighter
Level: 5/1

~ BIO ~

I was raised by the Empire. Like my brothers and sisters, I served the Primarch. I started as any man would, as a soldier. Though I was quickly taken notice of for my mechanical and digital aptitude. Soon I was commanding scores of Mechanized units. 30 foot tall Destroyers, Lightning fast seeker drones, and unstoppable Heavy Armor trooper carriers! Their inner workings, my life. I knew all of it. Power cores and energy weapons. I could dismantle and reassemble it all. Eventually I found myself answering only to his glory, his magnificence. The Primarch himself. He honored me with his words and asked me to take the Vanguard in our next conquest. I had never been so, exultant. 

I took my forces and made haste to the front lines. It was there that I would lose everything. We don’t know what it was. There were no readings, no energy dispersals, nothing on sensors. Only Visual and Audio. We knew it existed, but it was beyond our scans. I ordered a probe in and that was when it “attacked”. I say attack but I’m still not sure if it was malicious or a simple reaction to the probe. Next thing I knew it was tearing my ships apart. Shielding, useless. Weapons, ineffective. Nothing we did seem to matter. Then I saw it. Something inside it. Like a swirling mass of energy, the likes of which I had never seen before. I was powerless when it grabbed me and tore me through space into itself.

Where I woke up was unknown to me. The star didn’t make any sense. The locals, despite speaking in common, had no idea what I was talking about. They didn’t seem to mind me and even welcomed in from cold. I was able to find an accounting of some local history, but I gave up quickly. None of it matter. There was no Empire, no Primarch. Nothing. Even my suit was something they had no knowledge of. I had a vague idea of what had happened to me. I gave in to the idea. The next week I found a Smith who allowed me access to his tools in exchange for work and I was able to repair the damage to my tech, in a most rudimentary sense, and I even explained to the Smiths some basic principles of forging. Nothing like what they had seen before. They were so very pleased with me. I didn’t care. It was child’s play at best. But when the one offered me the spare room he had above the workshop, I was in no position to turn it down. 

It was there that I found a map of the “known world”. It was singular. They were alone in where ever this was. No Empire, No Primarch. I was truly alone. Well, if no one in this backwater world knew of the things I knew, then what’s to stop me from teaching them. I will travel these lands and fight for what I want. Amass my own following. I will be my own Master now. 

Six “Salv”


Race: Warforged
Background: Acolyte
Alignment: Chaotic Good
Class: Cleric
Level: 6

~ BIO ~

After gaining sentience as they awakened in a field, he was taken in by the followers of Helm, god of Protectors, thinking he was an omen sent from Helm. He is now on a personal journey to spread the word of Helm and find out more of himself.

Sir Gutslasha


Race: Ogrillon
Background: Knight
Alignment: –
Class: Battlemaster Fighter
Level: 6

~ BIO ~

Feeling disgraced after his entire clan was decimated by an unknown army, Sir Gutslasha and his squire now search the land for a way to earn back his honor, unite the clans under one banner and get revenge on the people who has done him wrong.

Luthien Aldari


Race: Eldarin
Background: Entertainer
Alignment: –
Class: Sorcerer
Level: 6

~ BIO ~

After an incident when he was a child, Luthien was gifted magical powers at an early age. However, seemingly as a joke he could only cast spells by dancing. He now searches the land for the cure and any way he can help.



Race: Half-Elf
Background: Noble
Alignment: Chaotic Neutral
Class: Bard
Level: 6

~ BIO ~

Born a bastard in a noble family, he was disowned from an early age. When he was of age, he fled choosing to wander the land which eventually led him to the College of Whispers where he learned many secrets and the skills to acquire them. He now studies under the tutelage of Ohlo in Phlan.

Nobody knows where the insatiable thirst for breaking ankles came from.