My name in John, aka Resonant Drifter, and I have been a passionate gamer since childhood being a part of the digital landscape in some form from the very early Pong TV system and Atari 2600 to my present day dual PC streaming setup.

Growing up in rural northern Minnesota didn’t afford me many opportunities to explore the world, so I did so through the games I played on the NES, Genesis, PC and many other systems.

I currently share that love with a like-minded and welcoming community on Twitch. Stop by any time and say what’s up!

The Long Story

Aside from the usual tabletop games like Monopoly, Life, Checkers and Chess; the first games I remember playing when I was younger were on my brother’s Atari 2600 and Colecovision consoles. Glorious games such as Adventure, Pitfall, Burgertime, Zaxxon and Combat opened my eyes to the digital frontier that was now in front of me.

Through the next few years I was sucked into the world of gaming via the Nintendo Entertainment System my parents bought me for Christmas, the Sega Genesis we were lucky enough to get a couple years later. However, it wasn’t until I joined the PC world in the early 90s that my gaming world took off.