The Witch’s revelations

  • She is a very powerful magic user that seemingly exists outside of space and time?
  • Tyranthraxus is behind all of this. He uses people as vessels, as he is currently doing with the ancient bronze dragon, Srossar.
  • He is trying to acquire Vorbyx’s Hammer so that he can unite the creatures under his power.
  • He is somehow trying to control the Pool of Radiance to, among other things, pull a mech army from another world to fight for him.
  • He pulled Armegedon from his world because he has plans for him.
  • Salv was created from the Pool of Radiance which the people of Netheril controlled before their thirst for power corrupted them and brought their society literally crashing down from the heavens.
  • There’s a puuuurfectly good explanation why Luthien is seeing cats all around, and she isn’t done with him yet.

Misc. Notes

Mendor’s Library books & covers

The Journal of Senqua Ajala

The Journal of Doral Marbelbreaker