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October 2021

A New Beginning review

The heart of this game is the story it is telling, but the entire time I was playing the game I was shooting holes through their plot like a semi-truck driving through an interstate tunnel. It turns out there’s a lot that doesn’t add up or completely falls apart in this time traveling thriller, but it’s supposed to be explained away during a twist in its final act. The biggest problem is this twist doesn’t do that – sure some plot holes are filled but then motivations and questions about what was truth and what was fiction are opened and you’re left scratching your head which is never a good conclusion to a video game you just spent hours slogging through.

The 11th Hour review

The 11th Hour tries to capitalize on the first game in the series – The 7th Guest – by wrapping what little gameplay it has in a slick FMV movie with a story that feels straight out of by a writer trying to create some Twin Peaks/X-Files lovechild. It’s completed by some truly laughable acting by most of the cast and some very strange practical/visual effects. On an odd level I began to enjoy it because of the absurdity.

The 7th Guest review

I’ve heard a lot about the 7th Guest and after reading all it had accomplished when it was first published I knew I had to try it if only just to say I did. I bought it so long ago but had yet to play it… travesty! I knew that it was a strange game, to say the least, but I don’t think anything can really prepare you for the oddities that await you inside Stauf Manor!

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