5 Days of F*ckery (fun!) Birthday Week 2021

My birthday is right around the corner and I wanted to do something special with the community, but when I was asked if I was going to *suffer* like someone else we all know I was quick to say, “Hell no!” However, after some thinking I said, “Why the hell not!?” and started working on the 5 Days of F*ckery!


From this Friday, August 6th to Tuesday, August 10th I will be streaming various games on my Twitch channel – keep an eye out for start times as they may change or there may be multiple streams! To help celebrate my birthday (on August 8th) I threw in some drinking rewards that are no doubt going to get me sh*t faced and you happy that I’m suffering.

Here’s how you can play along!


The simplest way to bring on the pain is by tipping money, cheering with bits or by subbing to the channel.

Tipping $1 or cheering 100 bits will get you 5,000 Supplies (channel currency) which we’ll talk about the importance of in a minute.

Tipping $2 or cheering 200 bits will give you a spin on the Wheel O’ Pain! If you donate more, you can break it down to however many $1 or $2 tips you want (i.e. $20 will get you 10 spins at $2 each or, if you choose, 20 $1 tips will be (20*5,000= 100,000 Supplies) or whatever combination you want).

The wheel is full of fun for you and pain for me!

Basically, you have a chance to make me drink (1d4, 2d4, 3d4 drinks, chug an entire can of beer or glass of wine or take a shot of vodka or jim beam), earn Supplies (10,000; 20,000; 40,000; 80,000), or get nothing (please lord). The options are weighted in your favor with the drinking and supplies generally being easier to hit than the nothings.


I’ve also added four specific cards to my Streamloots page for you to purchase so those of you who want to pile suffering on top of suffering can definitely do that!

If you don’t know what Streamloots is, let me explain. Streamloots is a service that allows you to purchase a chest (containing 3 random cards) for $1.50 or for 1,500 3,000 Supplies in the Streamelements Store. There are currently something like 62 cards with different rarities for you to get that will do anything from force me to play one handed for 1d4 minutes to plan at 24 hour stream. Check out my Streamloots page to see them all! The cards I’ve included for birthday week are as follows:


“BuT wHaT aBoUt ThE sUpPliEs, DrIfTeR!!!!!”

With the Supplies you earn from watching the channel and spinning the wheel (and other giveaways I’ll have through the five days) you will be able to buy Movement Points for the Big Board Game of Love and Even More Pain!

1 Movement Point = 25,000 Supplies and can be purchased with the chat command !redeem MP or by visiting the Streamelements Store!

The ultimate goal is to get me to the 40th point and I will play any Pokemon game of your choosing in any method (nuzlocke, crowd control, whatever) you choose.

In between are 7 stars – these are even more big boy drinking rewards for those who maybe don’t have the cash but have the Supplies to spend!
+ Roll a d20 and drink that many drinks
+ Chug a beer or wine
+ Take 3d4 drinks
+ Take 2d4 drinks
+ Take 1d4 drinks
+ Shotgun a beer (FatsackFails)
+ Take a shot of Vodka or Jim Beam

The person who donated to get me to that star will get to choose which one I do from the list and then that option will be taken off the board.


I will only be drinking beer or wine except for the 2 options for shots – 1 on the Big Board Game of Love and Even More Pain and 1 on the Wheel O’ Pain.

It’s best if you only purchase things when I’m live (and probably more when I’m sober) so that I don’t miss anything. We don’t want any suffering to go to waste!

That’s all I really have for rules so Happy Birthday to me, I guess!