Month: July 2016

  • Ankhbot – Creating A Simple Dice Game

    This is an older article but is kept here for posterity’s sake. Ankhbot is now Streamlabs Chatbot and does not function in the same matter. This code will not work. + + + Followers come to your channel to interact with you and your community, but it doesn’t hurt to have something else for them […]

  • Continuing the legacy with Wadjet Eye Games

    A self-taught game developer and publisher who has gone on to create some of the best point-and-click adventure games being released today, Dave Gilbert sat down with me at on November 4, 2a015 to let me into the creative process behind his games and the future of his company, Wadjet Eye Games. + + […]

  • The Best Gaming Flight Stick For Your Money – Thrustmaster T-Flight Hotas X

    For $50 this flight stick well worth the purchase for any budget conscious gamer who isn’t looking to sacrifice responsiveness or options for price. + + + I recently bought into the beta of Frontier’s remake of their classic space simulator, a little game called Elite: Dangerous. Getting into this game I knew from the […]