The Mailbox

You open the mailbox, revealing an old letter. You read the letter:

“To whom it may concern:

They say I am your uncle.

I never even knew you existed until just before my death. Your father nor your mother spoke anything about you. I don’t think it was a blight on you. No, I actually think it was to protect you from your destiny. You see, despite what they want to believe we are the protectors of the Old World. After they passed away I was left as sole protector. Now that you are here, that honor is bestowed upon you.

I truly wish we had more time so I could have explained this to you in full. Instead, all I can do is leave you the house. Inside you will find all the answers you need. I hope you get them before it takes your mind as it did your fathers…

Best of luck. I will see you on the other side.