Month: July 1999

  • Heroes of the Dragon Run

    Dungeons & Dragons 5e / card game / 4-6 players Not content with other card games cropping up in the region, a new game started showing up in the back of taverns across the Moonsea region sometime after the Dragon Run had devastated the land. That game would be later known as Heroes of the Dragon […]

  • Betrayal at Phlan

    Betrayal at Phlan

    Dungeons & Dragons 5e / full campaign / 4-6 players Answering a proclamation from the Council of Ten to reclaim districts of the city of Phlan overrun by evil creatures, a slew of brave adventurers find themselves in a terrible battle with an ancient evil threatening the very existence of the city and telling friend […]

  • The Haunting of Greystone Manor

    Dungeons & Dragons 5e / ~8 hours / 4 players / levels 1-3 Something wicked is happening at Greystone Manor. It seems many of those who check in never check out. Those few who do find their way out are saddled with outlandish tales that can only be found in the pages of a horror […]

  • In The Den of Wolves

    After a peaceful night camping your group is approached by a white Dire Wolf with a simple leather collar and signs of abuse. It appears to be friendly and in need of your help, but there’s something more behind its eyes. Will your group arise to the task and solve the mystery in front of them?