“It’s not the mountain we conquer, but ourselves.” – Edmund Hillary

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I am a US military veteran, conservationist and adventurer living in Minnesota and spending most of my time hiking and backpacking the many wondrous state parks, forests and wilderness around me. In September of this year I will be completing a 2 week, 300 mile hike of the Superior Hiking Trail. You can see photos of my journeys on Instagram and read about them on my blog.

I am also an avid video game enthusiast of all games old and new. I broadcast gameplay live on Twitch Wednesday through Sunday from 9pm to 12am and post video playthroughs and reviews on YouTube as well as write about them on my blog. In the past I have written for various video game web publications such as Gamespresso.com in the form of monthly profile pieces on persons in the gaming community, editorials on games and ideas as well as report on gaming news.

I currently write columns at Medium.com on gaming culture and the outdoors.

Read more of my bio here.